As we are coming to find out, wounded Vets are big money. Considering I’m 146% disabled, I’m trying to figure out how to tap into this. The only thing I can see is to start my own 501(c)(3) and start cooking the books with a big $300 K  a year salary for my work. Member and eagled-eyed scrutinizer Bruce spotted this heartbreaking article. Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the woods after the last news of the Big Six VSOs padding their bank accounts on the backs of all our disabled, along comes this article and investigation revealing nothing is sacred among thieves.

If you were thinking about donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, think twice. It would behoove you to get in your car and drive cross-country to deliver the funds to the charity you hope to help. More money would end up in their hands than entrusting it to the WWP for disbursement. The Beatles song Tax Man comes to mind- Here’s one for you, nineteen for me. Here’s what I received. It’s ugly.

I’m really sad to read this about the Wounded Warrior Project.  I have definitely been a supporter up to now.  The attached 2011 990 tax return is a real eye opener!  For one, that’s a lot of BIG salaries they are paying at the first and apparently the second (outsourced) level for executive compensation!  Obviously it’s not only corporations that can get greedy.

 Sad to say, the Wounded Warrior Project is bled dry by a top heavy, greedy executive structure and the remaining funds are disbursed to multi-tier distribution organizations with similar management structures.  By the time the money actually goes to direct benefits for  veterans, there is probably less than 10% that reaches them.  Below are results of an investigation by a retired USMC Colonel.

 At a recent meeting of a veterans association with which I am involved, a suggestion was made that we contribute to “The Wounded Warriors Project” (WWP). As an officer of the association, I was asked to do some research and make a recommendation regarding contributing to WWP. As one who fervently believes that our wounded warriors and their care-giving families deserve our unqualified support, I also believe that the public should be informed of the appropriateness and effectiveness of charitable organizations that support veterans.

 The results of my research are disappointing, to say the least. To summarize, the WWP collects a fee in the form of generous compensation paid to WWP executives who outsource fund raising, collection and distribution of funds to other 501.c.3 organizations which  provide services that directly benefit veterans. The WWP would make Bernie Madoff proud!

 My actual report follows for your information.

Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 8:01 PM

Subject: Wounded Warrior Project

  Pursuant to your request, I have reviewed the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) FY 2011 Form 990 (copy attached). In addition, I have surveyed other available information pertaining to WWP.

 I did note the pie chart percentages which you mention (Administrative Expense: 4.4%, Fundraising Exp.: 12.8%). Based on the WWP Form 990, these figures are misleading. Total 2011 revenues were $154.9 MM with total fundraising expenses of $20.5MM and total administrative expenses, including outsourced services, of $95.5MM. Note that the total administrative expense includes fund raising. Therefore, as a percentage of total revenue, administrative expenses amount to 61.63%, including fundraising expenses of 13.2%. This equates to 38.36% of revenues available to benefit wounded warriors.

 As far as I can determine, WWP outsources all major functions, including fundraising, legal, donation processing, donation distribution, etc.

 Compensation for the top ten WWP employees runs from $150K to $333K per officer annually.


As far as I can determine, WWP does little, if any, direct support of wounded warriors and wounded warrior programs. Rather, WWP makes grants and contributions to other 501.c.3 organizations which operate wounded warrior programs and/or serve veterans directly. Examples of 501.c.3 organizations receiving WWP funds include Fisher House, The American Red Cross, The VFW, Easter Seals, and numerous little known and unheard of local and national organizations. While many of these organizations provide valuable services to wounded warriors, many more are suspect. As an example, I question an expenditure of $300K for a parade. Some organizations are known to be inefficient and not the favorite of veterans (e.g. The American Red Cross). I also question the use of funds for lobbying activities. It would appear that HMM-265 Veterans Association would be eligible to receive WWP funds.

 It is true that WWP was the center of controversy involving their anti-Second Amendment position, as mentioned during our general meeting.

 There is no question that WWP does contribute substantial funds for the benefit of wounded warriors. Notwithstanding, it appears that a more effective use of Association funds would be to contribute directly to The Fisher House, Navy-Marine Corps Relief, The Salvation Army, and others. 

Attached below is IRS Form 990 revealing the perfidy of their spending (or lack thereof). Please, sir. May I have another parade?



And the latest one where everyone gets a raise and a bonus:

WWP 990 for 2012/2013.

P.S. And the Parade…http://asknod.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/wwp-saving-sargent-ryan-webster/

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  1. Chuck Wielgosh says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. You see other companies using fraudsters like Wounded Warrior Project to profit as well. A good example is a company called Princeton Audio, in Princeton Wisconsin. The owner of this company, Michael Pelland ripped off his employees of his old company by not paying them and then filing a sham bankruptcy. One month later he opened Princeton Audio and is using Wounded Warrior Project to sell speakers. See at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/princeton-audio

    This guy ripped off employees, you can be confident he will rip off Veterans.

  2. Mark mcdowell says:

    I am glad I looked in to this before putting my money in there pockets what a bunch of scumbags they should be hung.what the hell happen to this great nation of ares make a living off are soldiers disabilities and heart ship’s.

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  4. Anne Snyder says:

    For all Virginians
    Virginia has a very legitimate Wounded Warrior program http://www.wearevirginiaveterans.org/Get-Involved/Donate.aspx. Mandated by the General Assembly, your donations will be used properly.

  5. john taylor says:

    I joined WWP awhile ago and this info distressed me as they seemed to be genuine. I am a disabled marine and I served from 1970-1973. Like most I have a tendency to stroll in reverse and bring memories of my service period to my present awareness. But when I do this I find myself realizing that veterans of this period have been standing tall for tours in combat exceeding anything we would have been required to do. I read somewhere that a veteran is someone who has signed a contract with their country payable with their lives if asked to. For these groups to have the gall to trample their contracts when they are in the most vulnerable stage of their lives and recoveries is despicable. I recieve disability and although I have bills like all of us I desire to start something meaningful which would not get churned by salaries and expenses. As soon as those outfits recieve a single penny it should be viewed as belonging to any veteran in need and funds should be posted like mcdonalds did with their burger count. Any suggestions and I will run with it and search out those in need. They should not have to look around for help. John Taylor john_Taylor179@yahoo.com

    • SGT. Chapman says:

      unfortunately the only place I know of to look for help as a 100% disable unable to work, is the VA they do what they can and try to take it away as fast as they can, and I had a VSO tell me he wouldn’t push for the compensation for a couple other things that have been injured because as he said I am already at 100% and that I wouldn’t get any more money. I told him I don’t care about that I just wanted them to admit that there is more wrong with me then what they want to say. and the only other place is VFW but thtry to get into see one of their reps. youll wait all day and if you go downtown to their main headquarters they act like they are not there to help you, as I was told once by them down there I am supposed to go to the VA hospital to get any paper work done that is why I went back to the DAV. so yes we volunteered with our lives freely and without any pressure to stand tall an proud of our country and this is the way we get treated, army worse then any other branch. and I hate to say it but our commander in chief has turned his back on all but selectfew when it makes for good press for him. if I could I would love to be over fighting to keep them off our soil. How soon all the people crying about us being over there forget the two attacks on the world trade center beriut the SS Coleand many others and when it happens again they’ll be whining why didn’t we take care of them when we were there, but they tie our hands so we cant do much. look at the WWII VETERANS that made it back home, if they got shot at they took care of it and they didn’t have a chance to go to another town and do it all over to the co – alition forces. sorry so long and mistakes but it is killing me to sit here this long and remember what I had to do. But for the Grace of GOD I was able to come home. I am a proud American cant stand tall for long but I am still glad that I could honor my country with ny service none of us asked to be injured, but it happens. God Bless America and all who still have the pride to sign up and to acknowledge our service.

      • Sharon Cagle says:

        I want to thank you for your service. I, for one, am grateful to men and women like you.
        My son was there as was my nephews. Neither was injured physically but they carry wounds no one can see.
        You, my son and nephew, and others who have fought countless battles overseas and here at home, are the reason I support D.A.V.
        I wanted to support the WWP but after reading reports about big money execs., etc. decided D.A.V. is the one needing my money most and I feel assured my money is making a difference in our veterans lives.
        Kindest Regards,
        Sharon Cagle

  6. Thanks for finally writing about >WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECT A LEGAL SCAM | asknod
    <Loved it!

  7. tickedoff says:

    I believe this is definitely a scam! I never even heard of the wounded warrior project and I just discovered that they deducted almost $200 from my account. I don’t know how they got my info, but I am ticked off to say the least! I contacted them and told them that they better refund my money or I’m going to report them to the BBB, the Rip Off Report, and their local police! I am so steamed. Times are tough enough without fraudulent companies trying to scam people out of the little bit of money they have to pay bills and try to keep food on the table.

  8. Robert Carryer says:

    WWP is now using FB to ask for donations. When you start asking questions, you get the run around from the person updating FB….

  9. Ken Vander Wiel says:

    This is undoubtably a scam of the most shameless kind. You only need to be aware of the disgusting volume of money raising ads to know that the prime purpse of this organization is simply to pick the pockets of patriotic Americans. If these people were the least bit serious about helping veterans they would devote their efforts to supporting the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization that actually puts their time and their funds toward just what these frauds purport to do. As a veteran I see the DAV in action every day at VA hospitals which I have personally attended. I have supported the DAv for years and everyone should do the same.

  10. Confused says:

    Asknod.. I am confused.. You said you never will give your money to a charity that the CEO makes a 6 figure income As they are taking away from vets but you recommend the fisher house according according to charity navigator their CEO makes $393,850 a year..

    • asknod says:

      Dear Confused,
      I said I would never give my money to a charity where the CEO makes a six-figure income but you neglected to include my qualifying rationale. I have no problem donating it to a charity whose CEO makes a six-figure income but the charity has to provide something of substance. Fisher House’s CEO does just that. Brick and mortar houses located increasingly more and more next to VAMCs across our great country. These are tangible things you can reach out and touch-forever. Compare that to an outfit who offers t-shirts, backpacks etc. stuffed with donated gas cards and services paid for by others. Stay with me on this. WWP, as near as anyone can determine, accepts gifts of services from different corporations and brands the gifts with their own name and represents them, quite simply, as their own product and a gift from WWP. We are finally coming to find out that this simply isn’t true. WWP conducts retreats where Vets get together on weekends at some ranch where they unwind and interact. The ranch, the food, the sheets and blankets are donated. The WWP “volunteers”, for the most part, are just that-unpaid volunteers who donate their time for free. Tell me where the donated FUNDS are actually going because it is becoming more and more apparent that they are not percolating down to the actual wounded Vets who sorely need them.

      • FBair says:

        I really am sad to read all of this. I thought all the blogs blasting WWP were a myth. I can tell you with 100 % certainty that WWP is not a scam. You like to throw out a bunch of facts that are watered down and don’t tell the whole truth. I am a disabled veteran that is rated at 100%. Three years ago I got introduced to the WWP when I was recovering in a hospital. Ever since then they have changed my life. They have taken me on many of trips to do a lot of different things. 95 percent of all of those trips were paid for by WWP. I know this because I have developed a close relationship with them and have been able to see behind the scenes. I do not work for them nor am I trying to, I am simply someone that has had their life touched by them. When the VA was jerking me around WWP stepped in to help. OH for all of you that enjoyed the caregiver program from the VA, you can thank WWP for that. They wrote the bill and took it to congress. The TSGLI was also written and taken to congress by the WWP. Don’t believe me research it. I was on a trip recently where the WWP spent $19,000 on airfare, hotels, food, gear for the activity. When the trip was over they gave us the gear we used and said it was ours. They took us somewhere, taught us a new skill, gave us the equipment to do that skill, then said its yours to keep, have fun with that new skill you just learned and pass it on to the next guy and teach them. They have given and given to so many the numbers are insane. They have 19 different programs for helping warriors and 5 more pilot programs ongoing. they have over 45,000 alumni. They only have 400 employees. A Fellow Marine I served with now works for them. I know his salary and how much work he does. HE DOES NOT GET PAID ENOUGH. He left a job as a fire fighter making a whole lot more and working better hours, he left it because he can help more people this way. Steve Nardizzi, wow, don’t even know where to start. He started this in his basement. When he got it off the ground he quit his job to run it full time. What people don’t know is that he had to sign a non compete with the organization he left. So the first year he didn’t get a salary. He had to scrape by on his savings and deplete it to get everything going and take care of his own family. WHO DOES THAT. Someone who gives a damn. They have done so much for so many I could go on all night. The biggest thing they did for me? When I was forced to retire, I got real low. The worst I have ever been. I wanted to kill myself. I was ready, and I got a call from a WWP employee to just check on me because they new I was struggling. They could tell by the way I talked I was done and ready to die. That person got in there car and drove to my house, and would not leave me alone until he knew I was safe. They took me to the VA, got me help that I wasn’t getting. They took care of my family while I was getting help. They went above and beyond for me. I would be dead if it wasn’t for them. Some veterans get mad when they don’t get everything they want. They bad mouth great organizations just because they are butt hurt. How many of you have ever saved the life of someone you don’t even really know? Stop blaming your problems on others and own up to it. THAT IS WHAT WE WERE TAUGHT IN THE MILITARY RIGHT? INTEGRITY GOES BOTH WAYS.

        SEMPER FI

  11. pearl says:

    after reading all these negative comments about WWP I am somewhat confused and am seriously thinking of ending my monthly contribution. thx for all your comments

  12. robin Grace says:

    This Is the statement that I see , that I disagree with you on. And I don’t have the Budget in front of me, only the Tax Form. I do budgets. So , here is the comment from one of your links in the article

    In its 2012 IRS filing, Wounded Warrior Project reported that about 73 percent of its expenses went toward programs. But the charity is one of many that claim a portion of fundraising expenses as charitable works. By including educational material in solicitations, charities can classify some of the expense as good deeds. Ignoring these joint costs reduces the amount Wounded Warrior spent on programs last year to 58 percent of total expenditures.

    The Association is correct in saying these are expenses. I have worked for three Associations and was responsible for my own Budget. Those are expenses, even though that author thinks they are something else. Not sure what really..”

    • asknod says:

      Robin, you may be right. I merely reprinted what I was sent. In retrospect, I see that WWP may be legal from the standpoint of the IRS, but the disbursement of donations is abysmally skewed into the upper management’s pockets. No one can dispute that. Compare it to any truly caring charity with real volunteer forces and you will agree they are lining their own pockets at the expense of Veterans. That is the bone of contention here. Some say “Hey. Look at how much money they’re managing.” Who cares? If you are truly altruistic and have Jesus in your heart, you don’t base your salary on how much money you “manage”. You do it for the Vets. Period.

      • robin Grace says:

        First of all. Altruism is not Charity . Altruism never works. With that being said, I was just looking at the no’s of how much goes to the WW directly. I could care less how much the Ones running it get. Percentages really are what matters . I researched BONO of U2 a few years ago and found he is a fraud. Only 3 percent of the NFP went to any recipients . While he and his friends scooped up millions to party on. He got caught, but you never heard in the news , front page or on TV. That’s the people I research and go after

        I know it seems like a lot what those folks are getting paid, but you cannot judge on that alone. You just can’t. To my knowledge to get top people you do have to pay for it, Not all Associations NFP are small

        Good article . I did this for a group I am with who each of us has a different forte in rooting out things. Mine is Budgets and Speeches.
        Thanks for posting.

        “What is the moral code of altruism? The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value.” Rand

        In other words, Altruism is a selfish act to try to gain favor. It is the opposite of Charity.

        • asknod says:

          I never equated altruism with charity per se. I point to an outfit who has set themselves up to be a charitable entity. Their product should be good will to Vets with no ulterior motive. Here’s Wiki’s take on it.
          Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of various religious traditions, though the concept of “others” toward whom concern should be directed can vary among cultures and religions. Altruism or selflessness is the opposite of selfishness.

          Altruism can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty. Pure altruism consists of sacrificing something for someone other than the self (e.g. sacrificing time, energy or possessions) with no expectation of any compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect (e.g., receiving recognition for the act of giving).

          Much debate exists as to whether “true” altruism is possible. The theory of psychological egoism suggests that no act of sharing, helping or sacrificing can be described as truly altruistic, as the actor may receive an intrinsic reward in the form of personal gratification. The validity of this argument depends on whether intrinsic rewards qualify as “benefits.”

          The term altruism may also refer to an ethical doctrine that claims that individuals are morally obliged to benefit others. Used in this sense, it’s usually contrasted to egoism, which is defined as acting to the benefit of one’s self.

          I see no conflict in a charity set up to help disenfranchised or financially distraught Veterans that encompasses an altruistic value- one where goodwill (and funds) flow to the Veterans in a selfless endeavour with no thought of getting a better seat in Heaven. I discern a note of hypocrisy when the outfit turns an indifferent, cold shoulder to the individual Veteran and focuses strictly on farming out all their funds to others to actually carry the burden with WWP’s logo on it. As for hiring a good portion of the hierarchy from VA middle management? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire Robin. Ever hear of govt. contracts? Very lucrative but rarely altruistic, unfortunately.

    • Jerry Brickeen says:


  13. BoonieRat says:

    The only charitable organization I trust anymore is the Salvation Army. Thank God I read these reviews on the WWP. They are really pushing their tv ads lately. Anyone receiving a $300,000.00 salary will not get one cent of my social security money. Thank God for the VA and the triple by-pass operation I received for Agent Orange related ischemic heart disease.
    Nam vet- 68-69

    • Bill says:

      The Salvation Army? Have you ever seen the parking lot at one of their administrative offices? Full of Cadillacs, BMWs, Mercedes’, etc…Makes me wonder about them too. At any rate, thank you for your service and God bless you and yours.

      • vonmesser says:

        A great number of those Caddies and Beemers are because people with money have volunteered their time with Sallies. Well over 90% of their money goes where it is designated. A couple of other charities that do the same thing (over 90%) is the Catholic Bishop’s Relief and the Knights of Columbus.

      • Gail Miller says:

        I worked for the Salvation Army, well “volunteered” would be a better word considering they don’t like to pay anyone but the higher ups. The way they do the donated food made me sick, Albertsons brought over a huge plastic bag full of all kinds of different chicken, and they just throw it in little baggies and twist tie it. But before that the chicken sat in that big sack in the middle of the room for hours. They also get pastries, fresh fruit ect ect.. But before the homeless/needy can get any the ppl working there get first dibs on the better of the food. Everything that gets donated they pick through first and whatever they like they take.. The management are way over paid and live in huge houses and do drive the much better cars. I’m not saying people don’t deserve to be paid but good lord, when you make your fortune off of other peoples kindness I think that’s a problem. I will never give to any of them. They are all pretty much rip off’s.

    • Robert says:

      I looked up wounded warrior to donate and found this page. I am a CPA and work for a non-profit organization. I looked up the 990 information and the numbers above are not completely accurate. The total revenue and expenses and the $300,000 salary is correct but not the other calculations you made yourself. As for a $300,000 CEO salary for a $154 million corporation. Are you kidding me. That is peanuts. I am a CFO for a $3 million non-profit and my CEO makes $200,000, and earns every bit of it. The person who wrote this article does not know how to read financial statements or 990 reports. Do more research on the programs if you are not sure but do not go based on this page or the financial information if you are not familiar with reading them.

      • asknod says:

        Robert, understand one difference. You are a CPA. You are not the non-profit. A truly altruistic outfit engrossed in helping Veterans does not salt away the donated largesse for themselves-or shouldn’t. Anyone who aspires to help Vets should not precondition it on a salary that absolutely dwarfs those whose lives they are trying to improve. You crunch numbers. We crunch souls. When a Vet is homeless (and inevitably penniless) it does no good to have a keen t shirt or a backpack with a cool logo on it. S/he needs help, not a booklet of directions of who s/he needs to go see for a referral. Get it? Help the Vet-not yourself-to the funds donated for helping that Vet. Getting filthy rich on the backs of the poor and deprived is not okay. Sure. Take the numbers and make a case that they (WWP hierarchy) are working for peanuts vis a vis the $ volume they are handling. Some day I hope you discover the difference between a working wage and unbridled greed. If you base your assumptions for a “fair” salary strictly on the dollar volume the 501 receives, you have lost sight of the objective. At that point the 501 merely becomes a begin all and end all for the CEO and its hierarchy irrespective of any good that might percolate down to the intended recipients. Why is that so hard to understand? I hear the refrain- “Well, you can’t attract valuable administrators if you don’t pay them accordingly.” Tell me. How difficult is it to administer to downtrodden Vets with a host of volunteers itching-nay begging- to help for free? I drive a 1999 Ford F-100 and deliver vegetables I grew to needy Vets. For my services every year, I charge… $000,000.00. I pay for the fertilizer. I pay for my gas. I don’t have to rationalize it and explain to myself that if it wasn’t for me a Vet somewhere wouldn’t be wearing a HCVets t-shirt which, incidentally, they cannot eat.

  14. frank says:

    THE PROOF,is in the #’s and if its false,PLEASE DO, PROVE OTHERWISE, WWP? U have been called out, show yer evidence? NOT A DEAR JOHN,BS STATEMENT!!! We, the vets, the people who care, n support the vets, want to see the facts! AS OF NOW, I BELIEVE ASKNOD!!! Yer turn, WWP LET’S SEE YER GUNS? (PUN INTENDED) LMFAO!!!

  15. steve c says:

    100% disabled OIF vet here (50% from 2006-2012) and i would like to relate my 1st hand experiences with WWP: numerous referrals to beneficial programs, a couple vet retreats, assistance in applying for help from several organizations, counseling, assistance in getting my rating reviewed, direct funds for a bill(s) i couldn’t pay (twice), guidance on daily life/coping skills, suicide intervention (low point of my post deployment life), helping me to get my sister established as my caregiver, many veteran events and finally a potential job for my sister as a counselor for one of the programs the WWP is directly in charge of. in other words i have benefited tremendously from and possibly even had my life saved by the WWP and now my sister might have a huge opportunity to do the work she wants to do. maybe mine is a rare and isolated story but if even one life is improved or saved how can we dispute the validity of this organization.

    • Bill says:

      I’m glad that you and your sister got much needed help from WWC. But do you really believe it’s ok to rip off thousands and thousands of people as long as you help one person?

  16. Reblogged this on libslayer2013 and commented:
    I havent supported wwp since the 2A debacle…this blog solidified my disgust at this organization. If you’re thinking of donating I recommend you resd this blog first.

  17. FTWGA says:

    Say it ain’t so… I just became a monthly member to WWP on Monday. I will not honor our Veterans this way, thank GOD for those who also fight to get the right information to light! I will cancel ASAP and a check for a plane ride is a slap in the face to a soldier who puts boots on the ground for their country. THANK YOU!!

    • Freddy Jones says:

      I’m a disabled vn vet. I love our veterans from all wars. I’m very proud of them. I’ve already looked into wwp as well as many other charitable organizations. Very few that doesn’t set themselves and staff up for high salaries. Usually the top 5-10 from ceo to secretary gets huge salaries. Have you ever thought about how many charitable organizations are out there that is taking in billions of dollars. Why do we have to have so many to help people. Truth is, we don’t. It’s greed! People setting up these organziations in the name of the” poor, hungry, or disabled, to swindle others who care out of their money for their own benefit. WWP as well as all the other organizations have thousands of free volunteers to do the work and those few make huge salaries and do very little. I don’t give to nothing except the DAV. Other than that I do for others on an individual bases as I see need. I don’t need others to handle my money to help others when I can do it myself.

  18. joe says:

    WWP is a noble endeavor that is worthy of your donations. Americas veterans have earned in blood and pain all of the help and support that we can give them.
    Weed out the corruption and luxury expenses of the big guys That money should go to rehab the damaged lives of ” all ” those who served to protect us not the select few
    While the overwhelming majority of people involved in WWP are honest well intentioned and honorable it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the barrel .
    The steps to transparency are simple enough,
    Screen the people involved and just follow the money trail, AUDIT, AUDIT, and AUDIT again
    Thanks to all who are doing the right thing for the right reasons, Thanks WWP for all of the good you guys do.

    • Bill says:

      Bad news Joe. The audits of which you speak are of no value. They are doing nothing illegal (believe it or not) and are set up to operate just as they are. And for one purpose. To make money. Many many non-profits are like WWP. Any profit they show, and their is plenty, must be put back into the company by law. And they do that. By way of big salaries for a few fat cats. Basically, they are a brokerage house for services for wounded vets. And by the time they pay their own “expenses”, a paltry amount of what is contributed to them actually goes “for all of the good you guys do.” (Which is not done by WWP, but outsourced) It is a rip-off and terribly disrespectful to the soldiers whom they use to earn a six figure salary. Open your eyes my friend.

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  20. Sandrina Roc says:

    This is all very interesting. I’ve so far received 3 Forever stamps from WWP. That’s $1.38 in donations they’ve made to me, a woman non-Vet. I felt guilty and was going to make a donation, but decided to Google and see if they’re legit. Thanks to this thread I’ll send my money to more qualified Veterans’ charities.

  21. JOE says:

    How they rip WWP off ,
    want to know how they turn a low cost local parade into a Three Hundred Thousand Dollar expense ? its easy.

    1> set up a 501c or be involved in the management of one, that’s easy enough,
    2> get a good crooked accountant, no problem there either.
    3> set up a few LLC corps and sub corporations under family and friends names.
    4> now they can start to bank the cash.
    they set up their new family and friends corporations as “authorized” vendors and its off to the races,
    they are added into the mix of vendors so as not to raise any eyebrows and the billing game begins.
    Now the 501c orders from the” approved” vendors,
    the vendor inflates the invoice and they give a kickback, or the vendor can just post an invoice for payment but not deliver any merchandise.
    as long as there’s a paper trail and they don’t get overly greedy no one will ask any questions and they can remain under the radar and steal Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for years and years to come
    mean time they hold themselves out there as good guys who care
    there’s an old saying, where there’s a will there is a relative and where there’s money there is potential for corruption.
    I would like to think that the auditors from WWP or the IRS and FBI would be wise to these dirt bags and go after them.

  22. JOE says:






  23. Maribeth says:

    If you’re looking for a reliable charity to help our veterans try Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund in Oceanside CA. This was started by the families of some of the Marines based in Oceanside and they do wonderful work (also an excellent rating on Charity Navigator). I never trust a charity that spends a bunch of money of TV adds, they are only in the business of raising money.

    • asknod says:

      Heed Maribeth’s words. She knows whereof she speaks. Everytime you see someone on TV or hear them on radio imploring you to donate to their Vet cause, you can be assured that is money NOT being spent on our Veterans.Really good charities often are great via word of mouth. Fischer House is a fairly good example. Charity Navigator is an excellent rating tool as well.

      • Bob says:

        What about Bill O’Rielly? He has begged the TV population to donate to WWP.

        • asknod says:

          Good point. If He advocates jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, I might investigate the consequences first. Just because you are a “name brand” like Tom Cruise (who complains after 39 deployments to the MGM back lot), it requires more than a celebrity to convince me that something is legit, WWP has yet to contact me and say what I printed is substantially flawed or libelous. I stand by it. I doubt it would impair their hierarchy’s bottom line. They are going to take their salary first and what’s left will percolate to needy Vets- if any.

        • A. COWGER says:


  24. Howard says:

    Civilian and wife here that wants to honor Vets and their families for their sacrifices and almost signed up with monthly donations to WWP; I take it that Fisher House is the most effective way to do this…Please confirm.

    • asknod says:

      Sir, you do not know the half of the Fisher family’s commitment to Veterans. They do not blow their own horn either. Go to any major VA medical Center and you will find a modern residence with gorgeous kitchen facilities where Veterans’ spouses may stay absolutely free. My wife did so frequently during my one year incarceration in Seattle. It is independent of the VA itself. Money well spent, sir. Navy-Marine Corps Relief is another that spends virtually every penny of their contributions on the Vets. Nothing but high marks for both of them.

  25. Jean Joachim says:

    This post just shows your ignorance of how fundraising and non-profit organizations are run in this country. Those salaries are much smaller than most in the non-profit sector. We know one purple heart recipient who received a check at the airport from Wounded Warriors that paid his airfare to go home for Christmas. You’re ignorant and full of hot air.

    • asknod says:

      Donating a $350 airline ticket looks magnanimous if you make sure the Media covers it. What it does not expose is the perfidy of the CEO of Wounded Warriors flying to and fro in First class (up front) drinking champagne while the Purple Heart recipient sits in the back in the cramped passenger class thinking he’s in high cotton. Paying yourself $200-$300 K a year for dispensing free airline tickets will never wash with me. Apparently it doesn’t seem to upset your sensibilities, Ms. Joachim. Perchance, do you work for Wounded Warriors? My wife stayed at Fisher House in Seattle while I spent a year in the Seattle VA hospital. That’s where our donations go-to real Veterans organizations like the Fishers. Concrete and glass trump your hot air defense of the indefensible no matter how you parse your argument. Wounded Warriors and their ilk are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many outfits like them that are even worse. It’s sad you’ve been inveigled by their dishonesty. Real charities give 85% of their proceeds to the designated recipients. Wounded warriors KEEPS 85%. Are you math-challenged or does this show YOUR ignorance of how fund raising and not profit organizations are run in this country?

      • kenneth fariben says:

        I have been reading the comments and it is bothering me to see that YOU are confusing Wounded Warrior Project with Operation Wounded Warrior… As a VOLUNTEER with Operation Wounded Warrior i can attest that there is NOT ONE member of O.W.W. that receives ANY compensation…No saleries, no frills, no free airplane rides…ALL monies raised thru pancake breakfasts, concerts, auctions etc. go directly towards the wounded warriors…Our books are open, I only ask that YOU not confuse the two organizations…Thank you, chiefwhale

        • asknod says:

          I apologize if you were besmirched by the WWP. We will make sure to exonerate you in any future posts. At no time have I mentioned “Operation” Wounded Warrior. All my posts have been in reference to WWP or simply “Wounded Warrior”. It’s unfortunate that you have to share a part of a name with these folks and risk the exasperation of having to constantly distance yourself from them. If you would like donations, we would be happy to give you a berth for an email address. I hear you do very good work and the money actually arrives intact.

    • Kyle Workman says:

      Say did you just get off the bus there Jean?

    • SGT. Chapman says:

      no sir you are full of it. wwp wants money to funnel into their own pockets think about it, if that ceo was to get 100,000$ imagine how many vets the rest of that money would help.i am disabled and unable to work because of my injuries and they wont do anything for me. when I have cantacted them they said they would send out some apers with information on where to go to other organizations that could help,along with a form they said that if they got so much money from me they might be able to do more. U.S. Army SGT multi deployments and hits. so don’t sit there and tell me that they are truly helping vets in need.if it was not for my aunts and uncles and sister and mother I would have been on the street with no food and just the clothes I cold wear cause I can not carry even a gallon of milk or myself without a walker. so take yourself and go away.

  26. jimpaukert says:

    Thank you for this post, it’s a real eye-opener! The kicker is the fact that in 2011, roughly 40% of their revenue (contributions) went into net assets, I. e.: they are sitting on a huge pile of cash and investments, not funding vet’s programs. I was about to sign up for ongoing contributions. Guess that money will go directly to Fisher House instead.

    Retired USAF Colonel, 60% disabled (that’s 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.9 to the fourth = 0.42 remaining ability)

    • asknod says:

      My father retired as a Lt. Gen. from the AF. He donated heavily to many organizations that helped Vets. When he discovered the high salaries the major VSOs like DAV, VFW and American Legion were awarding themselves, he decided to educate himself on which were responsible with their funds. The IRS documents are a veritable fountain of information for determining who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Wounded Warriors is simply a sad example of the greed that infests those who purport to help Vets. I have the perfect system here at Asknod. I charge nothing. I offer my help and advice for free. No smoke and mirrors 501(c)(3)s .It’s called Pay it Forward for the next Vet. Very simple. I do realize that this is stupid and I don’t know how fundraising and non profits are supposed to work. Ignorance is bliss.

  27. pete bell says:

    WWP has always been a scam. Note that they always claim that over 80% of EXPENDITURES are for wounded vets. The real issue here is what % of DONATIONS ever get to wounded vets. Also why has the IRS not dropped them as a non-profit in light of the 100 million+ in unrestricted funds their hoarding in donations and will not spend on vets.

  28. pat p says:

    How are you 146% disabled Bro last I checked VA rates disability in 10% increments

    • asknod says:

      Okay, stay with me on this one, pat p. I have a 100% schedular-P&T. I have a 40% rating for PCT(DC7704). I have a 10% rating for Tinnitus(DC 6260). 40% +10% is 46%. 46% does round up to fifty but I’m not finished yet. I have claims in for several other diseases and injuries that will add to the 46% soon to take it higher. If I was finished filing, I’d throw in the towel and call it 150%. I’m not anywhere close to that point in life yet.

      • Ron Mays says:

        quote “I’m not anywhere close to that point in my life yet.”
        It looks like your revealing a taker in action.

        • asknod says:

          Correction Ron. My exact phraseology was “I’m not anywhere close to that point IN life” not in MY life. My shelf life sticker is on bingo or will be soon. I see myself rated housebound soon which is already a reality.That being the case, I’m simply asking for what is legitimately mine. No taking. No scamming, double dipping. No food stamps or Welfare. Just SMC-S which was created for those of my persuasion. I believe in Win or Die. With the VA, you better start early. I’ve been trying for 24 years to get my due. I’m almost there. When that occurs, I’ll acquiesce. Currently, 53 Vets die every day waiting for their claims to be decided. Seems prudent to get ‘er done asap.

    • steve c says:

      the 146% thing is just another round of bs, the is nothing higher in the va rating schedual than 100%, nothing, not possible, can’t happen i’ll come right out and say it..that guy is a liar liar pants on fire

    • steve c says:

      ohh and anybody that reaches 100% and then continues to file claims is doing nothing but hurting the troops behind him by wasting time better used on approving the next vet.

      • Kyle Workman says:

        Actually a VA Counselor advised I file a claim for Ischemic Heart Disease. He actually did the paperwork. I was thinking about you Steve after I read your comments. I thought, damn this guy should have been around back in the 70’s and 80’s when the VA barely recognized Vietnam and Korean Veterans as Veterans. I could go on and on but I’m old and still pissed off. I’m glad you got the help you needed. I’ve had some friends that did not.

      • Freddy Jones says:

        You’re missing it Steve!! The VA has a percentage rating that goes well above 100% when you have multiple disabilities added together. And those ratings actually have to total more than 100% to actually get compensation for a true 100% pay.

  29. Clinton says:

    Here is a reponse from the WWP about this issue of being a scam;

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). WWP is grateful for the overwhelming support we receive from supporters like you.

    Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate your concern and are pleased to hear you fundraise and donate with discretion. WWP continuously strives to keep administrative and fundraising costs associated with the operation of WWP as low as possible. Based on our fiscal year 2012 audited financial statements ending September 30, 2012, 81.6 percent of total expenditures went to provide services and programs for Wounded Warriors and their families. We’re proud to far exceed the Better Business Bureau’s minimum standard of $0.65 for every dollar. We’re consistently working to improve our efficiency and better serve warriors. WWP is committed to sound fiscal responsibility. WWP is proud of our organization, and we stand behind our fundraising efforts. The vast majority of our funds go directly to programs and services for injured service members, and in a head-to head comparison with other veterans’ service organizations, WWP is a leader in fundraising efficiency among large charities in the veterans sector. If you’d like to know more, the link below will allow you to download our Annual Reports, Audited Financial Statements, 990, and a breakdown of expenditures by percentage:


    The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. WWP provides innovative programs and services to help injured veterans and their families successfully transition back to civilian life.

    If you have any additional questions, please call 855.GIVE.WWP (448.3997).

    Thank you,

    Wounded Warrior Project


    giving outreach team

    A Decade of Service.

    A Lifetime of Commitment.


    O: 904.296.7350


    Wounded Warrior Project

    4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300

    Jacksonville, Florida 32256

    Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


    • Freddy Jones says:

      Why does your CEO have a salary of more than $300,000 a year? And others making $150,000 or more a year?

  30. Dan-O says:

    There are not enough four letter words to decribe these AHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a Vet and disabled. To see the IRS and this really screwd up disfunctional congress we have just turnes a blind eye is just discusting. Thank you COL for making this info available to us. Burnie Madof’s M/O is still at large

  31. rixar13 says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Thumbs up ^.

  32. No doubt there is a profit motive here.. I observe reduced prices on Wonder Warrior Products at the (Cracker-barrel) when me and the wife eat there… thanks for the information.

  33. On the face of it, this is disgusting! We have a Veteran’s 501(3)(c) organization locally and I’d like to view their Form 990. Are they required to have a copy available to the public?

    • asknod says:

      Roger that. FOIA the IRS. I doubt the outfit you are interested in will be forthcoming enough to provide it willingly. But then again, these guys have pretty large cojones to even consider scamming Vets. There must be a special place reserved in Hell for these enterprising souls.

  34. Kyle Workman says:

    Nothing new here, hell all these organizations are scamming the people on behalf of the Veterans of this country.

  35. hepsick says:

    Of Course its a SCAM, same Bankers that run our Government, as we move closer to the USSA, Wait till THEY Crash the Banking system.

    • robin Grace says:

      It is interesting to me how many people on this thread took the authors info as Gospel. Now, with that being said, this is an excellent researched article. I just have a couple of disagreements on it .. And I don’t agree calling it a Scam. That is inappropriate for the points he made.
      So, do all of you who made nasty remarks actually read the article and go to the links?
      I doubt it. This is one of things I go, oh okay, now I get why our country is in such trouble.

      • Matt says:

        I read all of these comments (whew), and have come to the conclusion that there are compelling arguments for both sides. However with that being said I had recently considered donating to the WWP and went on their website and simply asked “how much of my dollar actually goes to these heroes”, I have not received a response to that question and therefore WWP has not received a dollar of my money! It’s all in the asking people! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS, AND ALL OUR VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Freddy Jones says:

        I don’t really care how much supposedly goes to the cause. I don’t believe anyone should set them and a few under them up with huge salaries. What about all those thousands of volunteers doing the work for free. I looked into their IRS filings and the CEO makes over $300K a year and a few of those under him makes $150K and above. just saying…..

      • SGT. Chapman says:

        yes I did read and go to the links but as I said in an early reply I am 100% unable to work and when I contacted them as I said before they told me they would send me information on where to go to try to get some help all I got basically was 2 sheets of papers with local organizations on it to go and beg for a little food and help on utilities, and a couple big pamplets and a folder that said they would be able to help me more as long as I made a commitment to make a donation every month and then they might still have a back pack and maybe a tee shirt more in depth on this one but needing to get off cause I am in constant pain sitting standing or laying down and am lucky if I get more then3 hours sleep a night cause of terrors and I also get them in the day so don’t sit there all high and mighty and say we are all just following what one person said. that being said you are probably one of the ones that don’t do anything but sit in one of their offices and make over 150,000$ and laugh about it all day

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